Guobang Pharma was set up in 1996. It is a global pharmaceutical producer with multiple products. The company maintains advantages of completed industrial chain and whole factors of the pharmaceutical industry. The company is the main character in the global chemical medication production field.
The company mainly focuses on the researching-developing, producing, and selling of medical products for human and animals. Medicinal products for human offered by the company includes API, medication intermediates related to the API provided by the company, and formulations. The veterinary products include API for animals, additives, and formulations.
The bases of Guobang Pharma are located in the Provincial High-Tech Development Zone of Zhejiang Province in Xinchang County , the National Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhejiang Province, the National Shandong Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development with more than 2700 employees; the products of the company are selling to more than 110 countries and regions which hold 6.5 billion people. Several products have the largest sales all over the world.
Guobang Pharma holds the enterprise philosophy “support the nation by cultivating talents, flourish the state by developing the industry”. Achieving “Two-Leadings” is the target. “Strivers first, partner with elites, share with all” is the enterprise development culture. “Profession, harmony, and striving” is the spirit of the enterprise.
ag大厅 Guobang Pharma tends to be the resource-intensive and environment-friendly enterprise. It is our honor to make contributions to human and animal health.

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